This series HAS IT ALL: gay love, gay magic, gay road trips, gay kissing, gay vampires, gay heartbreak, gay triumph…I COULD KEEP GOING!

On its face, the story is gay Harry Potter if Harry (Simon) and Draco (Baz) were roommates and secretly in love with each other and Draco was a vampire.

But it’s so much more than that! With so many rich and complex characters, the story asks important questions, like, “What happens to the Chosen One after they’ve fulfilled their destiny?” and “If Simon and Baz don’t kiss each other soon, will I spontaneously combust?!” Full of clever twists and the most original take on magic I’ve ever seen, the world of Simon Snow is ripe for an onscreen adaptation TOMORROW!If you like an enemies-to-lovers storyline, then buckle up, baby!