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Story 1

South African activists call for public condemnation of Tanzania

ACTIVISTS – More activists are calling for President Cyril Ramaphosa, to publicly condemn the Governor of Dar es Salaam’s assault on the civil liberties of LGBTQ+ people in Tanzania.

Members of the community advocacy organisation are also asking the president to offer asylum to those who are facing arrest in Tanzania.

The group is holding a public protest today outside the High Commission of Tanzania in Pretoria to voice their condemnation of the country’s anti-queer actions.

South Africans are also urged to add their names to the online petition demanding Ramaphosa take a public stand on the issue.

You can sign the petition online, or join the protest today outside the High Commission of Tanzania in Pretoria at 10am.


Story 2

Charlotte Prodger wins Turner Prize 2018

PRODGER – A highly personal film shot by artist Charlotte Prodger on her iPhone, which recalls her experiences of coming out as gay in rural Scotland, has won her the prestigious 25,000 Pound, Turner Prize.

The Glasgow-based artist, known for exploring queer identity, won the annual art award for two of her videos.

One of those, titled Bridgit, was filmed entirely on her phone and features her reading from her diaries.

Prodger said she was “quite overwhelmed” and “very touched” to win.

She told BBC News “The stories that I’m telling, although they’re mine and they’re personal, are stories that a lot of people – I guess queer people – have experienced.”


Story 3

Las Vegas couple stabbed and beaten as neighbours watch

LAS VEGAS – A gay couple was savagely beaten and stabbed on the porch of their home as neighbours stood by and watched.

Charles Clements picked up his boyfriend, Vincent, from work Last week.

One of Vincent’s co-workers and another person followed them to their apartment in Las Vegas. They were attacked by the two men when they got home.

“I was about to unlock the door, the next thing I hear, he’s calling my name,” Clements told FOX5. “I come back, I see my boyfriend fighting with the guy.”

A glass table was knocked over in the fight, and Clements said one of the attackers picked up a shard of glass and stabbed Vincent in the back.

Story 4

Housemate stabs man in penis with ice pick

STABBED – A Utah man has been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping after authorities say he hammered a tool resembling an ice pick through another man’s penis during an argument.

The 45-year-old Jason Dee Maughn is scheduled to make a court appearance on Wednesday in Salt Lake City.

The victim told police he was given a choice of being killed in the desert or having a nail driven into his penis.

He says he went to the hospital the next day for treatment after Maughn took the handcuffs off.

The charging document describes the case as domestic violence and says the men lived together, but doesn’t explain their exact relationship.


Story 5

Less LGBTQ+ asylum seekers accepted into the U.K.

ASYLUM – According to U.K government data, the proportion of asylum claims from members of the LGBTQ+ community, that have been rejected by the Home Office has surged in recent years.

In total, 78 per cent of asylum claims that included a reference to sexual orientation were refused last year, or a total of 1,464 people.

This was a 52 per cent rise on 2016’s figures when 61 per cent or 964 similar claims were rejected.

Campaigners said the figures were “deeply worrying” and claimed the Home Office had “set the bar too high” for people seeking protection.

Many are left with no option but to return to countries where they could face prison, violence, or death, they added.

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