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Story 1

Hate pastor plans to enter South Africa despite his ban

ANDERSON – U.S hate pastor Steven Anderson is planning to enter South Africa despite his ban.

This according to a twitter post by Cape Town pastor Oscar Bougardt.

In 2016 Anderson was banned by the minister of home affairs from entering the country due to his hate speech.

Cape Town pastor Oscar Bougardt, recently said he was working “behind the scenes” to get the American into South Africa.

This once again puts Bougardt in violation of his multiple court orders to stop making statements that are “discriminatory or incite hatred or harm on the grounds of sexual orientation”.


Story 2

Transgender bodybuilder makes history at Musclemania India

BODYBUILDER – Fitness enthusiast Aryan Pasha made history this past weekend by placing second at the Musclemania India bodybuilding competition in Delhi.

Pasha, started training over a year ago when he learned about a specific bodybuilding competition for transgender men in the United States.

After being denied a visa, he decided to instead compete in the men’s physique category at the Musclemania competition in India.

“It was my dream to participate in Men’s category,” Pasha, who transitioned at 18, told Gaylaxy, a local Indian LGBTQ+ outlet.

“Till now I have won medals in female category but this is what I actually wanted in my life – to complete with other men.


Story 3

Lesbian couple forced to quit job due to their sexuality

COUPLE – A lesbian couple that devoted their lives to the safety of others say they were pushed out of their jobs for being “too gay”.

Sheri and Alyssa Monk live in a western Canadian town of 3,700 people.

It’s an area so small the sudden loss of two devoted public servants could endanger the lives of local citizens.

The married couple, who worked as a paramedic and fire-fighter, say they were discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Before quitting, the couple said they had been reprimanded over their romantic behaviour.


Story 4

Woman mistaken as transgender placed in a male facility

WOMAN – A woman is suing a jail doctor and nurse in Miami, Floida after they mistakenly identified her as a transgender man and sent her in an all-male jail.

Fior Pichardo was held for nearly 10 hours by Miami-Dade County Corrections Department in a holding cell, surrounded by male inmates.

During this time, she was sent to the medical unit for a ‘routine checkup’ due to her high blood pressure.

When the doctor saw her, he reportedly asked a series of questions, never performed a physical exam, and reclassified Pichardo as a man.

Some officers protested but authorities took Pichardo to the all-male jail Metro West Detention Center.


Story 5

Trial date set for gay village serial killer

TRIAL – An alleged serial killer facing murder charges in the deaths of eight men with ties to Toronto’s gay village will stand trial in January, 2020.

Bruce McArthur said little in a brief court appearance this morning and avoided looking at the family members of his alleged victims.

Police found the remains of seven of the men in large planters at a property where the 67-year-old worked as a landscaper.

The remains of the eighth alleged victim were found in a ravine behind the same property in midtown Toronto.

The Crown said it was ready to start the trial in September, 2019, but the defense said it wouldn’t be available until January. The trial is scheduled to begin on Jan. 6, 2020.