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Story 1

Chile passes landmark transgender law

CHILE – Transgender people in Chile can now change their gender on official documents after a landmark law for human rights came into effect in the country.

Chilean president Sebastian Pinera signed the bill into law on Wednesday (November 28).

It allows transgender people above the age of 14 to update their name and gender on official records.

The law marks a progressive shift in Chile, which is strongly Roman Catholic and became one of the last countries in the world to legalise divorce in 2004.

Human rights groups praised the passing of the “historic” transgender rights law in the traditionalist country, where abortion remains illegal except for under special circumstances.


Story 2

Russian police seize children’s drawings as gay propaganda

RUSSIAN – Russian police have seized 17 drawings from a school contest to investigate them as gay propaganda.

A school, held a contest earlier this month for the UN’s International Day for Tolerance, where students submitted drawings, and many of them were displayed in the school.

The drawings became an issue when someone sent a photo of one of them to a local news site, which ran a story about the pictures entitled “Ural School Holds Contest With Posters Showing Gays and Lesbians.”

This prompted an investigation by the Education Department, since a 2013 law in Russia bans showing “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” to minors.

Seventeen of the pictures have been seized and an investigation into the school has been opened.


Story 3

Australian government approves first HIV self-testing kit

AUSTRALIA – The Australian Government have announced approval of the first HIV self-testing kit.

The first HIV self-testing kit, the Atomo Self Test was approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration last week.

The test, which will be available for purchase online for around 30 dollars, is a single-use rapid finger stick test for the detection of antibodies to HIV.

It will enable people to test for HIV in their own home.

This will make testing accessible and convenient especially for people that need to test frequently or do not test at all.

Last year, Australia recorded 963 HIV notifications—the lowest annual number of notifications since 2010.


Story 4

Delta pilot messages passenger on Grindr during flight

DELTA – A passenger on a Delta Flight from Saint Paul, to Chicago, has come forward, claiming he was messaged by a pilot mid-flight.

The interaction, which occurred back in August, happened while the plane was mid-flight and involved a message from the pilot to the passenger JP Thorn saying “I see you’re on my flight. Enjoy the ride to Chicago.”

The 27-year-old college student didn’t receive the message until he was back on the ground in Chicago but noticed the message had been sent 30 minutes before they landed.

Speaking with the New York Post, Thorn said that according to the gay dating app, the man was 90 feet away from him, and the man’s profile features a photo of the sky taken from the cockpit.

On Sunday Thorn posted the Grindr message on Twitter which received thousands of shares and likes.


Story 5

Jean-Marie Le Pen fined for linking homosexuality to paedophilia

LE PEN – Far-right French MEP Jean-Marie Le Pen has been fined over a string of homophobic comments.

The former leader of France’s National Front was found guilty of incitement to hate by France’s criminal court on Wednesday over several remarks he made about gay people.

The comments include a homophobic jibe aimed at the surviving husband of a terror attack victim.

In March 2016, the far-right figurehead claimed in a video that “paedophilia found its credentials in the exaltation of homosexuality.”

France 24 reports that Le Pen was ordered to pay 800 euros in fines, along with 5,000 euros in damages to Etienne Cardiles, and 2,000 euros damages to LGBTQ+ group Mousse.