Would you like to stream GaySA Radio, but you’re scared of incurring high data costs while doing so?

To set your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a breakdown of just how much data you will be using when streaming GaySA Radio, compared to other popular mobile streaming services.

How much data do you use when streaming GaySA Radio?

When streaming GaySA Radio via our website, you will use just 0.5MB per minute, amounting to only 30MB of data per hour.

To put that into perspective: browsing through Facebook for an hour will set you back about 90MB, and an hour’s worth of listening to other premium music streaming services eats through between 100MB and 150MB, depending on the service.

As could be expected, video streaming services burn through exponentially higher amounts of data, and an hour’s worth of Netflix will use 1GB of data when streaming at standard definition, and 3GB when streaming in HD (chilling while watching is not officially charged).

Streaming low-definition video on YouTube for an hour will require 0.3GB of data, but higher definition streaming uses much more data, with one hour of high-definition streaming via YouTube using 3GB of data per hour.

How do you access the GaySA Radio livestream?

Streaming GaySA Radio’s live feed is as easy as visiting the GaySA Radio website and clicking on the “play” button on the home page. Alternatively, you can directly access the livestream by clicking here.

With a range of programmes relating to the LGBTQI+ community, GaySA Radio is Africa’s only radio station catering specifically for this demographic.

Have a look at our list of programmes on the GaySA Radio home page, and tune in!