The very first WorldPride event was held in 2000 in the city of Rome, after InterPride chose it as the location for the inaugural iteration of one the best-attended LGBT pride events in the world annually.

This year’s WorldPride coincided with another significant event in LGBT history. The 50th anniversary of the riots at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, which took place on 28 June 1969, made New York City the obvious choice for what would turn out to be the largest international Pride celebration in history.

The event, which officially ran from 1 June to 30 June, culminating in one of the biggest Pride marches ever, with an estimated 4 million people attending.

Here are some of the biggest highlights at this year’s WorldPride event in New York.

A bill banning the so-called “gay panic” defence in New York State

The gay and trans “panic” defence is a legal strategy that allows the defendant in a murder case to justify the crime by citing that they acted in response to learning about the victim’s sexual orientation. On 30 June, governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law banning this defence in New York State. It was perhaps most notably used in the trail of the two men who beat Matthew Shephard to death in 1998.

Lady Gaga’s rousing speech at the Stonewall Inn

During a surprise performance at this year’s Stonewall Day Concert, Lady Gaga gave a 15-minute speech, pledging her allegiance to the LGBTQ cause once again. Check out snippets from Gaga’s speech below, and prepare for the goosebumps.

The Pride Island Music Festival

Evolving from Dance on the Pier in 2017, Pride Island Music Festival is a relatively new addition to NYC Pride. This year’s two-day music event featured the likes of Grace Jones, Pabllo Vittar and the ineffable Madonna.

Madonna’s closing performance

As expected, the Queen of Pop did not disappoint. Her own tribute to the LGBTQI+ community had the crowd on its feet.

The New York City Pride March

Now recognised as one of the biggest Pride marches ever, the event saw masses of about four million attending.