After having disappeared and then found, 28 year-old Ruan Uys is finally home.

Ruan is a member of the LGBTQ+ community in Gauteng who went missing on the 2nd of January this year in Boksburg.

Picture of Ruan Uys wearing a green cap.
Ruan Uys went missing at the beginning of the year and is now finally home.

His parents were not aware of his whereabouts for months and in desperation, his mother, Hantie, took to social media with a plea for any information about her son.

Mrs Uys yesterday told GaySA Radio that Ruan is finally home safely.

She said Ruan came home on the bus last week. He was in Durban.

“He lost a lot of weight, but he is safe,” a very relieved Mrs Uys said.

According to Mrs Uys, they still need to go to the local police to withdraw a missing persons charge that was made when he disappeared.

GaySA Radio is arranging an interview to further investigate the Curious Case of Ruan Uys.