Ditshego “Fudge” Ditshego

Ditshego Ditshego is Journalist, Masters graduate (from NYC), writer, news anchor, political analyst and future philanthropist slash Slay-Queen. When she is not chasing stories in her high-heels and starting crucial, law-amending conversations, she is a feminist, Gender Equality Activist and LGBTQ+ activist with a passion for women and children’s issues. She is the news reader and The Gay Agenda host at GaySA Radio.

In addition, she runs an orphanage for HIV/AIDS orphans and helps them find homes. Raising funds for their education up to tertiary level. She also runs programs that offer alternatives to women during their menstrual cycles (in the form of the menstrual cup) and is involved in PEP and PrEP awareness and distribution. In her spare time, she runs an organisation called WADS (Women Against Dream Selling) which teaches young ladies how not to fall prey to lies from the opposite sex. She is also the founder of “hesadog.com”.