It seems as if Johannesburg Pride as we knew it is no more.

According to a recent post by Johannesburg Pride Committee Member, Nolene du Preez, Johannesburg Pride is undergoing a name change. The post reads as follows: ” After 2 years of intense planning, we are officially saying goodbye to 29 years of Johannesburg Pride as you know it. A new ear was born today. Hello Pride of Africa.”

It is not clear why the name is being changed, nor are we aware that there was any public participation process from the LGBTQ+ community around the name change. From the post, it seems that Joe Public United has been working on the name/brand change. According to their website, Joe Public United is a “full service brand and communication group.”

GaySA Radio approached Johannesburg Pride for clarification on this issue, and at the time of writing, no response has been received.

There is no information as to when the name change will take effect and what will become of Johannesburg Pride as a non-profit, whether it will continue or be closed and a new non-profit started.

What do you think about the apparent name change? Were you consulted? Do you think this Pride represents all of Africa in its present format? Please comment.