GaySA Radio is searching for content contributors to feature on the station and on our website.

In the spirit of providing opportunities and exposure to anyone who has ambitions to work in radio, we extend an invitation to content creators to send their contributions to GaySA Radio.

LGBTQI+ content from within the community

If you are a podcaster in need of wider exposure, please send along examples of your work, and we might feature it as a part of our scheduled programming. Even if you don’t have your podcast up and running just yet, GaySA Radio is a great channel to get the word out in the mean time. If you have always been interested in pursuing a career in radio, there is no easier way to get your voice on the airwaves than working with GaySA Radio.

We believe that there are many untold stories about the LGBTQI community, and this opportunity allows contributors from within the community to make these stories known. Writers, artists and photographers are also invited to submit their work for potential publication on our website. LGBTQI musicians: feel free to submit a profile to feature on our website, and send us examples of your tunes.

If you are a podcaster, writer, artist, photographer or musician, or even if you just have something to say, please make contact with GaySA Radio. Please include personal information and a brief description of your work (examples and links to online profiles would be appreciated in this regard).

Voice notes can be sent via WhatsApp to 072 629 4990.

We look forward to hearing from you!