After completing a run at the South African National Arts Festival in Makhanda, the award-winning off-Broadway play Confessions of a Mormon Boy is coming to Capetonian theatre audiences.

The play, based on the real-life experiences of acclaimed actor and writer Steven Fales, tells the story of his own journey from being a devoted sixth-generation Mormon and father of two in Utah to coming out as gay, being excommunicated from the church and working as a rent boy in Manhattan.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy is a gripping tale, which has been told as far afield as London and Sydney, and has been seen by American audiences all across the US.

The New York Times calls it “compelling confessional theatre”, but Confessions of a Mormon Boy is also filled with plenty of lighter moments, with the New York Daily News saying it is “as moving as it is funny”.

In the midst of renewed debate over the use of so-called “reparative” gay treatments like conversion therapy, Confessions of a Mormon Boy is as timely now as it was when it first started doing the rounds off-Broadway. For the first time, South Africans will also be able to witness how Steven Fales “discovers what it means to finally come home, if only in your heart”.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy will be playing at the Alexander Bar in Cape Town from 10 to 20 July at 20:00. Take note that there will be no Sunday performance. This play is sure to have you leaving with a better understanding of what it’s like to come out even when your circumstances make it seem impossible to do so. Tickets are on sale for R120 and R140 – get yours here.