Rocketman: Our first Gay Superhero (with issues!)

30 May 2019

There has been much speculation of late that there will be a gay superhero in the near future. Well, worry no more, we have found one. Rocketman is our own flawed Supergay. And he is a marvel! Rocketman is everything the recent Queen biopic wasn’t. Maybe someday somebody will still make a movie about Freddy’s […]

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Fiennes impresses with ballet biopic!

28 May 2019

The term “white crow” is Russian slang for a person who is unusual or unlike others. Double-edged, it is used to refer both to someone of exceptional ability and to an outsider who doesn’t fit in anywhere. Acclaimed Russian ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev epitomises this concept. Known for performances that were sinewy and sensual, Nureyev […]

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There’s A Need To Come Out

24 May 2019

The idea of announcing something as natural as breathing always baffled me. I was fazed by how people make a big deal out of non-heterosexuality. I simply didn’t see the point in ‘coming out’. “Straight people don’t come out, why should we?” I always asked. But that was then. I grew up to understand that […]

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Waiting to see what happens

23 May 2019

South Africa is now past the 2019 general elections. The campaigns atmosphere which saw politicians out in full force, making promises to grassroots citizens is now a thing of the past. For some, this means going back to a sad and dark reality. A lot of promises were made to the LGBTQ+ community, too. For […]

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Pink Night Out

22 May 2019

For the launch of the first ever Pink Night Out, we will be hosting this event for the LGBTQI+ community at select cinemas in Johannesburg and Cape Town, exclusive to Nu Metro. Pink Night Out is a premium cinema event with added event production, special features, décor, food, drinks and other surprises, along with a […]

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Family dynamics take centre stage in ‘Drie Susters’

21 May 2019

After being commissioned for the Innibos Arts Festival in Mbombela and undertaking a successful run at the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria, the Woordfees in Stellenbosch, and playing a number of shows all across the country, a new “dramedy” from the pen of acclaimed Die Boekklub writer Louis Pretorius is now coming to audiences in Cape […]

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