March 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility, and Amazon has taken a bold step to bring the issue of transgender rights to the fore.

The company launched its “The Voice of Trans” campaign in anticipation of Transgender Day of Visibility, and aims to use it to promote a petition calling on members of the United Nations to support global trans rights.

In the petition, Amazon sets out the dire situation experienced by many trans people, and mentions the exceptionally high murder and suicide rate that is prevalent in the trans community.

Amazon holds 73% of the smart speaker market share in the US and it is estimated that 8.2 million people own an Amazon Echo device, providing the company with a huge platform to garner support for their cause.

By using the phrase “Alexa, open the voice of trans”, the smart speaker will introduce the voice of a transgender man, who shares his childhood experiences of being trans, including talking about how he was bullied at school and hated wearing dresses, and later expanding on his transition and marriage.

The stories featured in “The Voice of Trans” have been compiled from the real experiences of different trans people all over the world in an effort to educate the broader public about the trans experience.

Check out a video about the campaign below, and remember to add your voice to Amazon’s petition to stop trans voices everywhere from suppressed and discriminated against.