The website When I Came Out has been providing a platform for people to anonymously share the stories of how they came out since 2012.

Just like it is in real life, some coming out stories are funny, some are poignant and some are sad. If you haven’t yet come out and are still thinking of how to do it, this is a good place to find out how other people went about it.

Here are 10 stories from When I Came Out that will warm your heart.

1. When I came out to my brother, he celebrated: We could now discuss topics including “hot girls.”

2. When I came out as a transman, my friend looked me up and down and said, “Well, now you make sense!”

3. When I came out to my gay dad he said, “Are you doing this to try and relate to me?”

4. When I came out my entire family joined PFLAG. Now they spend a week every year convincing me to go to Pride with them even though I don’t like crowds.

5. When I came out to my dad and step mom, I was worried about ruining a great relationship I had with them. After a nervous buildup, I said, “What I’m saying is, I like girls.” My dad and step mom shot each other a look, then my dad said, “You know, I think you get that from me. I’ve liked girls my whole life!” Then they cracked up. You never know which way “the talk” is going to go. I was stressed and worried for nothing.

6. When I came out, I told my parents I had was dating someone. They asked for their name. I said that the name was Lisa. My Dad replied: “His name is Lisa??”

7. When I came out, I was at a concert with my friends. The singer said to shout if you were gay. I completely forgot that I was with my friends, so I shouted. One of my friends hits me in the arm and says, “Why did you shout? You’re not gay.” All I said was, “Excuse you, yes I am.” All of my friends were very accepting.

8. When I came out for the first time to my best friend, I couldn’t even say it out loud. I ended up writing a poem trying to explain the chaos inside. I ended the poem with, “I’m bending and you’re straight.” That friend looked me in the eye and told me that she knew. “Your closet had a light on, sweetheart.”

9. When I came out to my friend I asked her, “Do you know any transgender people?”. When she said no, I replied, “Bzzz! Incorrect answer!”. And her reply: “Are you — Are you coming out like this?”. “Yep.”

10. When I came out to my closest friend, he told all my friends. I didn’t know until I had a surprise “coming out” party hosted by my roommate. I didn’t know that was a thing.